10 Best Super Villains (With No Super Powers)

10. Mysterio

Marvel Comics

Mysterio’s whole schtick is having no powers, so it only seems fitting that he kicks off the list. With Jake Gyllenhaal winning praise for his Mysterio portrayal in recent billion dollar blockbuster Spider-Man: Far From Home, the villain is also being introduced to new audiences. However, in the comic book world, the illusion based charlatan has always been a fairly popular villain.

He’s not without his detractors though. The fishbowl design is so infamously goofy that when it looked half decent in the movie, there was widespread shock. Unlike the others here, it’s not so much that he perseveres and thrives without powers either.

It’s more that he so desperately wants powers, and manages to fool the world that he has them... at least some of the time. Still, that’s a mightily impressive feat in and of itself.

The special effects wizard goes rogue when he fails to land a Hollywood job, rather than because Tony Stark marginalised his contributions and gave BARF a silly name, as happened in the movie.

Despite his lack of powers, his illusions often put up quite the fight; he once pitted Spidey against robotic, evil versions of the X-Men. Definitely still a powerful villain, despite no actual powers.


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