10 Best Superhero Friendships You Never Knew Existed

Who knew Doombot had so many friends?

Loki Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

Strange friendships are an unusual yet integral part of any good comic. Before they became so well established, friendships like those between Batman and Superman, or Spider-Man and Deadpool, seemed like they'd be almost impossible - whereas now it's hard to imagine them not being best buds.

But since not every friendship can have the comic coverage that Supes and the Dark Knight get, many other chummy heroes go under the radar in comparison. While a blossoming bond that is covered for all of two issues admittedly isn't as important, it's no less delightful when it involves two figures that you'd simply never expect to be friends.

Really, it's part of comic tradition that these unusual friendships continue to pop up every now and then, like a version of the Breakfast Club where everyone was also given sweet superpowers as well as profound emotional damage.

Even if you only see a brief glimpse of these relationships, they're still reassuring to see, as it shows that being a superhero isn't all civil wars and tragic deaths - sometimes it's playing table tennis and getting hot dogs with an unexpected ally.

10. Cyborg And Shazam

Loki Spider-Man
DC Comics

While Cyborg isn't the most brooding member of the DC's hero roster by a significant margin, he can also be a pretty serious guy. Getting half your body replaced with electronics tends to do that to a guy. Shazam, on the other hand, is the superhero equivalent of a kid on pixie sticks - so it'd be fair to assume that the pair just don't mesh.

But, as is shown in Vic's friendship with the more light-hearted Beast Boy, he's capable of chilling out and having fun every once in a while. As such, it's perhaps not all that surprising that the 2011 Justice League series sees the pair bond over a true game of champions - table tennis. While Cyborg doesn't exactly seem stoked that Shazam has used his insane powers to net the Justice League a table tennis set, he also seems to get that this is just how the hero is, and appears content to engage in a bout of super-powered ping pong.

It's a shame we don't see the pair interact more, really, as Shazam is perhaps at his most interesting when interacting with heroes closer to his real age as Billy Batson.

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