10 Best Superman & Lex Luthor Stories Ever Written

The best of enemies, to the bitter end...

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Every hero needs a villain. An arch nemesis to butt head with on a regular basis and, on occasion, to throw through a building or two but it can be a hard thing to get right. Get it wrong and you end up with someone like the Rainbow Raider who's only real power is to be able to see in bright colors but if you nail it, then you can set in motion a rivalry that lasts for decades.

This is what Superman and Lex Luthor have had for nearly eighty years now as these two have gone head to head time and time again. Lex is driven by an unreasonable hatred for Kal, seeing him as nothing more than an unwanted alien who is trying to take over his planet. This means that he is always planning and plotting to destroy the Man of Steel with varying degrees of success.

But which stories from their illustrious past are the ones that you should check out? And which of these truly deserves the title of the greatest story ever written? Read on to find out.

10. Injustice: Gods Among Us

57cbc All star superman 6 2
DC Comics

Now admittedly, this isn't a straight forward Superman and Lex Luthor tale as there is far more going on here than the story of two men but the dynamic is such an interesting one, what with their roles being reversed, that it would be remiss not to include it on this list.

After Superman goes power crazy, due to the Joker turning Metropolis into a million tiny radioactive pieces, it falls to Batman to put a stop Kal-El's reign of terror. Along the way, he is helped out by heroes from Earth prime as well as forming an alliance with Harley Quinn but the strangest member of his rebellion is Lex Luthor.

The reason that it's such an odd arrangement is that Lex and Clark are childhood friends and Lex has done nothing over the years to betray Superman's trust. When he is found alive in one of his bunkers after the explosion, Kal is genuinely happy to see him and when Lex agrees to help the Justice League rule over humans with an iron fist it seems as if these two will fight side by side to the end.

So, it comes as quite a shock when he betrays him, especially as it costs him his life.

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