10 Biggest WTF Comic Book Moments From 2019

Alas, poor Alfred.

Jennika TMNT
IDW Publishing

With 2018 bringing us Batman's ruined wedding, Cable's murder, Heroes in Crisis, and the end of Mister Miracle, it seemed as though 2019 had no chance of outdoing such a dramatic and surprising year.

It would appear that the vast majority of comic writers and artists were also aware of this, however, as they appear to have looked at 2018, laughed, and then decided to actually start getting crazy this year. As such, we've had an insane number of hugely surprising developments in both comics and the comics industry, all of which are seemingly tailor-made to outdo one another, leaving you completely unsure of what left readers the most surprised.

While you'd think that the sheer quantity of astonishing moments would leave you overwhelmed, they actually do the exact opposite, as you wait in anticipation for the next crazy twist that your favourite series will provide. As a result, readers are seldom ever disappointed.

2019 has been a year of secret identity reveals, secret world-destruction, and tragic character death. And in all honesty? We wouldn't have it any other way.

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for some of 2019's biggest comics. You've been warned!

10. Mark Shaw Turns Evil - Event Leviathan #6

Jennika TMNT
DC Comics

Event Leviathan was arguably the mystery comic of the year, prompting endless fan debate over who the mysterious villain known only as the 'Leviathan' actually was, given we were told that it was someone who had already existed in the comic world for a long time.

It was a delightful mystery, where every last ounce of detail was torn apart by readers like hungry wolves ready to find the answers they were looking for. Despite this intense speculation, few were expecting the real identity of the Leviathan until the issue prior to the 'big reveal', where it became clear that this person was definitely one of the people who had held to hero identity of the 'Manhunter'.

This would eventually lead to a reveal that this dastardly villain was none other than Mark Shaw, the third Manhunter, and a character we hadn't seen in literal years prior to this, making the whole reveal both hugely surprising, and hugely satisfying for the 'big unveiling' of the series.


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