10 Biggest WTF Comic Book Moments From 2019

9. The Green Lantern Corps Are Destroyed - Green Lantern: Blackstars

Jennika TMNT
DC Comics

If there's one thing that nobody stepped into 2019 expecting, it was the absolute destruction of the entire Green Lantern Corps, and the creation of the 'Blackstars' - who are basically the collective Lantern Corps turned evil.

This is set up in The Green Lantern #12, which saw Hal Jordan forced to use the questionable Miracle Machine in order to rewrite the DC universe, resulting in the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps.

While this rewrite is unlikely to last longer than the Blackstars series, it's still undeniably exciting to see an integral portion of the DC world wiped out in one brutal fell swoop. Similarly, while seeing Hal Jordan turn evil is nothing new, seeing a totally twisted version of the Corps is amazing and horrifying all at once.


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