10 Bizarre Cameos In X-Men Comics

The X-Men have some weird characters, but some of the guest cameos in their books are even stranger!

X-Men Star Trek Wolverine Spock
Marvel Comics

X-Men comics have been host to a multitude of bizarre and interesting characters over the years. After all, this is the comic book that introduced characters like Maggot and X-Ceptional, the kid that can blow up... once.

But we aren't here to talk about those characters. No, we are here to talk about the characters that generally exist outside the pages of Marvel publications. There have been a surprising amount of weird cameos in X-Men history, sometimes by fictional characters and sometimes by real-life celebrities.

In a world filled with mutants and superheroes, you'd think there isn't much that could be truly weird, but these comics certainly fit the bill. So, prepare for what might feel like a drug-induced trip down memory lane, because we're taking a look at some of the weirdest guest appearances in X-Men history.

10. Santa Claus

X-Men Star Trek Wolverine Spock
Marvel Comics

X-Men comics canonically have called Santa "the most powerful mutant ever registered." Not kidding, if you Google "most powerful mutant registered" he will be your search result. Comics are crazy.

Santa has more than a handful of appearances for Marvel Comics, but one that especially comes to mind is from 1991's Marvel Holiday Special. In the story, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are making trouble around Christmastime. The X-Men, of course, jump into action, struggling at first until a jolly man in a red suit comes to their assistance. He handily deals with The Brotherhood and introduces himself as Kris Kringle. The team is understandably skeptical but soon grow to believe him when he turns The Brotherhood into toys. Unfortunately, the X-Men can hardly thank him before they are teleported away, minds completely wiped of the experience courtesy of Mr. Claus. Kind of a jerk move, Santa.

People have pondered for years how Santa manages to deliver presents across the world in one night. Not sure anyone would've put their money on mutant powers, but hey, that works. And please, someone at Marvel have the guts the make old Saint Nick a full-time member of an X-team.


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