10 Most Bizarre Things In Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 & 9

9. Buffy Becomes Superman

After a huge battle between Buffy's slayers and Twilight's army - oh, and a gigantic goddess or two as well - there are many casualties on all sides, but Buffy comes out in fitter fighting shape than she's ever been in her whole life, as she now possesses superpowers. Well, more superpowers than before, anyway. She's faster than a speeding bullet, can lift a train carriage with one hand and can leap into the stratosphere with a single bound, which naturally makes Xander as giddy as a schoolboy and eager to explore exactly what other new powers Buffy has now. It's never quite entirely explained where her powers came from other than that she gained them in her last battle with Twilight, and that she needs them in order to f*** a universe into existence with Angel later on in the season (on second thoughts, maybe we buried the lead on this one). Either way, they're short-lived, but it's fun to see Buffy as a fully-fledged comic book superhero for a little while.

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