10 Brilliant Marvel Event Comics Fans Should Read

Where the good and great meet each year, to beat the snot out of each other.

Marvel Comics

Even though Marvel had tried to get the whole event idea up and running over the Bronze Age of Comics, it wasn't really until the 1980s, and more specifically the first Secret Wars (more on that later), that they really found their feet.

Since then, every year has brought a brand new spectacle to the eager eyes and hands of its fanbase and, with the occasional exception, they've all pretty much hit their mark.

They've given us Clone Sagas, Eves of Destruction, and so many variations on war that it can, at times, make the mind boggle. But fear not, faithful reader, if it seems that the back catalog of tales that litter Marvel's history is intimidating for someone new to the franchise, then consider your back truly taken care of.

Events tend to get a bad rap from readers, and while it's true both Marvel and DC have a habit of saturating their solicitations with events, to the point where they encroach onto individual comics, there's a reason they're so frequent.

What follows is a look at those events that you really need to spend time with, the ones that are more Civil War than Reed Richards and Susan Storm's Wedding.


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