10 Brutal Times The Fantastic Four Lost

9. Doom Turns Johnny Into A Literal Human Torch - Fantastic Four #36 (2021)

Sue Storm Killed
Marvel Comics

After Doctor Doom fell in love with his henchwoman, Victorious, he decided the two should be wed. Doom was so over-the-moon with his betrothed, he invited the Fantastic Four to his wedding, asked Reed to be his best man, and vowed to make peace with his sworn enemies.

But just as the wedding was drawing to a close, Victorious blurted out that she had slept with Johnny Storm the same day Doom proposed to her. Left utterly humiliated, Doom exacted his revenge by blasting the Human Torch with a cosmic ray booster. This device amplified Johnny's fire powers so it was impossible for him to 'flame off'. Not only that, the heat he dispersed was so overwhelming, he couldn't eat without melting his food. As a result, Reed had to inject him with nutrients using an adamantium needle on a daily basis to keep him alive. Unable to reverse what Doom had done to him, Johnny was forced to stay in an isolated chamber for weeks.

Although Reed is sure to find a way to cure Johnny's ailment in the future, all of his efforts in the recent comics have proven fruitless.


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