10 Characters Marvel And DC Don't Know What To Do With

If at first you don't succeed, just make another redesign...

Marvel Comics

Comic book characters have never been more popular. A decade ago, the average Joe never heard of Groot, Cyborg, or Black Panther. Nowadays, we have superhero movies routinely making a billion dollars at the box office. However, not every comic book character has been so lucky. Some heroes and villains have been revised time and time again and yet, have never taken centerstage.

I'm not just talking about obscure characters. Sometimes, writers don't have a clue how to write about the most iconic superheroes. (Let us never forget the time when the writers gave Superman electric powers... actually, it's better to forget that.) Did you know there have been three new Iron Men in the last two years? Did you know Captain Marvel comics keep getting relaunched because they aren't selling? What are the writers doing wrong?

Well, when a series isn't doing well, writers try all sorts of tricks; give the character new powers, a different costume, deal with a controversial topic, oversexualise the character, change the hero's origin, etc. More often that not, these tactics don't work since they come across as desperate or gimmicky.

Here is a list of comic book characters that aren't working, no matter what the writers have tried.


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