10 Characters That Deserve The 'Spider-Verse' Treatment

10. Captain Marvel

Marvel Comics

While Captain Marvel may now be primarily known for the Carol Danvers incarnation, there is actually quite the roster of Captains - ranging from the original Mar-Vell to the more recent Monica Rambeau.

Factor in the likes of Kamala Khan and a Carol Danvers that remained in the Ms. Marvel moniker and you have a pretty substantial roster already, not to mention all of the alternate reality versions of the character that would inevitably feature in an 'Into the Marvel-Verse'.

In a perfect world, Carol and co. would also be able to team-up with Shazam and his family, who comic book fans will recognise as the first hero to bear the title of Captain Marvel.

Either way, the popularity of these characters would mean that any such story would ultimately be a success.


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