10 Characters That Deserve The 'Spider-Verse' Treatment

9. Ghost Rider

Marvel Comics

Much like 2017's Venomverse, a Ghost Rider-Verse story would be pretty simple to do, it being able to adapt the template of giving a bunch of heroes and villains the Venom symbiote by simply swapping out said symbiote with the Spirit of Vengeance.

Similar to the aforementioned Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider also has a fair few versions in the main MU, meaning that a story featuring multiple incarnations of the character wouldn't even necessarily have to include alternate reality heroes (though that is kind of the point).

If it did feature characters from other universes then some notable shoe-ins would be the one billion BC Avengers incarnation (who rode a flaming mammoth) and Ghost Panther (an amalgamation of Black Panther and Ghost Rider, obviously).


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