10 Characters That Deserve The 'Spider-Verse' Treatment

Spider-Man isn't the only hero that has numerous other versions.

DC Comics

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse featured a very novel concept, establishing a fantastic formula for future stories.

That formula was of course the teaming up of numerous different incarnations of everyone's favourite wall-crawler, an idea that has been explored with other characters in the comics since the Silver Age of Comics.

Spider-Man's lack of participation in such storylines until recently just means that the same concept could easily be applied to other characters - whether they originate from Marvel, DC or outside of comics entirely.

Obviously, the actual likelihood of a comic or movie being made featuring the following characters with this same premise is low, but the point is that they are all characters that would suit tales in the vein of Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon.

This is due to the fact that almost every comic book character has numerous alternate versions, particularly the biggest and most popular ones. For instance, Green Lantern has more incarnations in the main DC universe than the rosters you tend to see on most superhero teams. This is why applying the concept of Spider-Verse to other figures is such a no-brainer, but the question still remains: which characters really deserve the same treatment?


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