10 Characters Who Broke Thor's Hammer

9. Molecule Man - Avengers #215 (1982)

Mjolnir Broken
Marvel Comics

After being exposed to a particle generator, Owen Reece learned he could control matter on an atomic level. Using a special wand as a conduit to harness his power, Reece became a supervillain called Molecule Man.

But in Avengers #215, Molecule Man learned how to use his abilities without relying on a conduit, magnifying his strength to an almost infinite level.

To showcase his might, the matter-controlling menace decided to destroy the entire world. (Not sure where he would live after that.) When the Avengers learned of Reece's plan, they tracked the deranged criminal down and tried to stop him. With a wave of his hands, Molecule Man disintegrated Thor's hammer as well as Captain America's shield, Iron Man's armour, and the Silver Surfer's surfboard.

Even though the heroes' equipment was repaired in the following issue, this was a mind-blowing moment for readers. Molecule Man had never used his powers on this level before nor had anyone ever destroyed Mjolnir or Cap's shield so effortlessly. As a result, this panel has become one of the most iconic moments in Marvel comics.


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