10 Characters Who Have Defeated Galactus

He may eat planets for breakfast, but he isn't invincible.

Marvel Comics

Comics are full of extraordinary characters with unbelievable powers - some being stronger than others - and there are some that are a lot stronger than everyone else. Names like Thanos, The Living Tribunal, Eternity, and The One Above All are some of those that stand out among the rest.

But out of all the creations within the glossy pages of Marvel Comics, Stan “The Man” Lee considered Galactus to be the strongest being in the cosmos. Given the fact he’s the size of Godzilla floating around in space, it makes a lot of sense that Mr. Excelsior dubbed him the GOAT.

This supreme cosmic being was born out of the Big Bang and has a serious addiction for eating planets. Armed with godlike powers, giant death machines, and chromed out surfer bros, it's hard to imagine Galactus getting knocked down, let alone having the crap kicked out of him.

However difficult it may be to believe, Galactus has taken some serious hits over the years from some surprising foes. Besides the Silver Surfer, here are 10 of Marvel's finest that have wiped the floor with The Devourer of Worlds.


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