10 Characters Who Have Defeated Galactus

10. The Beyonder

Marvel Comics

The Beyonder definitely lives up to his name as his powers are well beyond that of Galactus’ - so much so in fact that the Great Destroyer isn't interested in a one-on-one with the battle royale fanatic.

During the original Secret Wars event, both heroes and villains were teleported to a place called Battleworld where they would partake in a Hunger Games-style match for the pure amusement of the one they call The Beyonder. This did not bode well with these unwilling participants, among whom were the likes of the Destroyer of Worlds and one Doctor Victor Von Doom.

They are arguably two of Marvel’s most powerful beings, so it makes sense they’d team up to stop this next level entity that has the power to warp everyone to his own personal cosmic warrior coliseum.

The Beyonder defeats these two as if they were nothing. He even hits Galactus so hard it results in a solid knockout, sending him back to the planet below like a sad rag doll.


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