10 Comic Book Characters Everyone Hates (And Why They're Wrong)

9. Hawkeye

Jason Todd Robin Red Hood
Marvel Comics

Clint Barton is considered by most to be the worst Avenger. With no actual superpowers of his own, this Robin Hood knock off is so heavily frowned upon that it' s a miracle he has made it this far without suffering perma-death - or so you'd be led to believe.

The quick-witted Hawkeye is a superb acrobat and fencer as well as being, arguably, the deadliest shot in the Marvel universe, and has proven time and again just how much the Avengers actually need him.

Though it hasn't always been smooth sailing for him, his first attempts at being a cape left him labeled a criminal and on the run with Black Widow during her spy days. When the straight-shooting Barton decided to follow the path of the righteous no matter the cost, he found his skill set in high demand.

When 16 Avengers couldn't take down the Collector, he stepped up to get the job done. When Old Man Logan needs someone to get his back as he goes after the Hulk's, it's Hawkeye he turns to.


Jack of all trades, Master of none. The former rocker of the big beard.