10 Comic Book Characters Everyone Hates (And Why They're Wrong)

Haters gonna hate, but it doesn't mean they're always right.

Jason Todd Robin Red Hood
DC Comics

It can't be easy coming up with new comic book creations. For every Wolverine or Batman, there is a whole list of characters like D-Man and Asbestos Lady that have you questioning the creative processes that resulted in their introduction. While a lot of these are rightly hated, and soon cast into a pit never to be seen again, some have had a longevity that boggles the mind of most fans.

After all, the customer is always right, right? Well maybe not.

Sure, a bad character is a bad character no matter what, but there have been times that some of these heroes or villains have gone on to grow into something completely different from their initial concept, and other times when the hate has been misplaced from the off-set.

But fandom is nothing if not stubborn, and as soon as a character is tarred and feathered, it takes a hell of a lot for them to be accepted as anything other than a burden and a huge annoyance.

It's a shame that such a stigma can follow someone from page to page and, in some cases, from decade to decade. However, maybe - just maybe - these 10 can turn their franchise around.

10. Booster Gold

Jason Todd Robin Red Hood
DC Comics

A loud-mouthed braggart with ideas well above his station and a constant need for self-promotion, it's not difficult to see why people have a huge dislike for Booster Gold. Ever since Michael Jon Carter burst onto the scene in 1986 this one man showboating machine has just rubbed fans up the wrong way, and let us not forget here, the guy is nothing more than a thief.

Along with his sidekick Skeets, he has stolen all the technology he uses to make him a superhero and in doing so made himself no better than the criminals he fought against. Point being, it'd take something amazing to make anybody like Booster.

Y'know, like saving the President's life.

No matter the ill feelings towards him there's no denying that when the chips are down he comes through. Whether that's by saving world leaders from assassination attempts, time punching people in the face or fighting side by side with the Justice League, Booster Gold will always do his part.

It may seem on the surface that he's just in it for himself, but at the end of the day, Booster Gold will always fight the good fight.


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