10 Comic Book Characters The Joker Has Killed

The killing Joker.

DC Comics

Killing has always been a big no-no for Batman, but the same cannot be said of his nemesis, the Joker. In fact, Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime has racked up a sizeable body count over the years, and often dispatches his victims in seriously twisted ways.

Although Mister J isn't exactly a threat to the universe, many of those who have shared the page with him end up dead by his hand, and it isn't just Arkham Asylum guards, rival henchmen and his own hapless sidekicks who end up in the morgue.

In both the mainline DC Universe and stories set outside of it, major characters have perished by the Joker's gloved hand and some of them were even household names.

The villain usually resists resorting to lethal force where Batman is concerned, because he'd have to find his kicks somewhere else if the Dark Knight was no more, but here are some of the heroes, villains and supporting characters the Clown Prince has dispatched since his reign of terror in Gotham began.


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