10 Comic Book Characters Who Keep Changing Identities

Superheroes are tied to their identities, but they sometimes swap them around randomly.

DC Comics

Ever since Clark Kent started going by Superman while he wore his work clothes, superheroes and secret identities have gone hand-in-hand. While those secret identities remain... well, secret - many superheroes try on different personas every once in a while, and it happens more often than you may know.

For the most part, Bruce Wayne has always been Batman, but his little buddy Robin has gone through several name changes, and you may think you know all of them, but this list might surprise you. The same is true of Peter Parker, our Friendly Neighborhood... Ricochet?

The thing about comics is, when one goes on for decades, a writer or artist is bound to come along every once in a while and change things up a bit. Whether they kill someone off or bring them back from the dead, odds are, they will be sporting a new identity sooner or later.

This list highlights ten heroes who have chucked their superhero name and threads to call themselves something completely different. Some do it more than most, which is why they are front and center on this list, and a few of them might surprise you...


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