10 Comic Book Deaths You Never Saw Coming

9. Batman - DCeased #1-2 (2019)

DCEased Batman Nightwing
DC Comics

In the DCeased mini-series Darkseid imprisoned Cyborg on the fiery world of Apokolips, where he was exposed to a tech-version of the Anti-Life Equation.

Once Cyborg was transported back to Earth, his cybernetics automatically went online, causing the virus to spread through the internet. If anyone came into contact with any social media, even for a second, they were instantly transformed into mindless zombies. Because that's life nowadays, 600 million people were infected within the first five minutes.

At first, you'd assume a superhero like Batman would create an antidote to inoculate humanity and return everybody to normal within a day or two.

But DCeased is not one of those stories. In the first issue, Nightwing was corrupted by the Anti-Life Equation, forcing him to turn against Batman. After he took a chunk out of his mentor's neck, the Caped Crusader became irreversibly infected.

Using Mister Freeze's cold suit to slow down the virus, Batman had enough time to say goodbye to his son, Damian. As the virus completely consumed his mind and body, Alfred had no choice but to put Batman out of his misery, cementing DCeased's first couple issues as one of the genre's most deadliest.


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