10 Comic Book Deaths You Never Saw Coming

8. Karen Page And Mysterio - Daredevil #5-7 (1999)

DCEased Batman Nightwing
Marvel Comics

Although it's common knowledge that dating a superhero is extremely dangerous (and sometimes stupid), few people know this better than Daredevil. Mister Fear drove Matt Murdock's wife, Milla Donovan, insane. Bullseye killed his high-school sweetheart, Elektra.

But Matt's one-true love, Karen Page, got it worse than anyone. When the master of illusion, Mysterio, learned he had terminal cancer, he decided to go out with a bang. Since he discovered Daredevil's identity at the same time (and because he could never defeat Spider-Man), he vowed to destroy Hornhead's life beyond repair. Mysterio hired Bullseye to kill everyone inside a church which Matt regularly visited.

After DD entered the church to stop his arch-nemesis, Karen burst in after hearing the commotion. Bullseye hurled Daredevil's Billy club at the blind superhero but Karen deflected the weapon with her body, killing herself in the process.

As Matt cradled Karen in his arms, Mysterio revealed he was behind everything. Mysterio assumed this revelation would push Daredevil to kill him, causing him to be labelled as a murderer forever. However, Daredevil refused to give Mysterio the satisfaction and walked away. Believing his entire plan failed, Mysterio took his own life by shooting himself in the head.


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