10 Comic Book Deaths You Never Saw Coming

7. Hawkeye - Avengers #502 (2004)

DCEased Batman Nightwing
Marvel Comics

We all know dying is rubbish. (Personally, I wouldn't recommend it.) But do you know what's worse? Dying twice. Sadly, Hawkeye knows about this experience all too well.

After Scarlet Witch had a nervous breakdown, her subconscious caused her to lash out at her friends. Using her reality-warping powers, Wanda caused fellow Avenger, Jack of Hearts, to detonate at Avengers Mansion, killing Ant-Man. She then compelled She-Hulk to rip Vision in half, murdering the synthezoid. While the Avengers were still trying to wrap their heads around the situation, Wanda summoned a colossal Kree army on her teammates, resulting in the death of Hawkeye.

Trying to reverse the damage, Wanda rewrote reality so all her friends were alive and well, including Hawkeye. Realising that they can't live in a fake reality forever, the Avenging archer shot Wanda with an arrow, ordering her to return the world to the way it was. Refusing to listen, Wanda erased Hawkeye from existence.

Even though several Avengers died during this storyline, Hawkeye gets special mention since Wanda killed him, resurrected him, and then killed him again in the same year!


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