10 Comic Book Story Arcs EVERYONE Hated

9. All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder

Secret Empire
DC Comics

In 2005, DC Comics launched a rebooted series of the Caped Crusader called All Star Batman & Robin. With visionary writer Frank Miller joining fan favourite artist Jim Lee, it sounded like the series couldn't be in safer hands.

But Miller managed to create the worst Batman story ever written. The moment where the Dark Knight introduces himself as "the Goddamned Batman" has been memed to death but it's only one of many absurd moments in this failed saga.

Batman kidnaps Robin immediately after his parents die, punches him in the face, and abandons him in the Batcave, forcing him to live off rats. The Justice League are written as whiney and intolerable. Bats has sex with Black Canary while a biker gang they just murdered burns to death in the background. Batman paints himself yellow and beats up Green Lantern.

If you thought that sounds awful, the original script is more embarrassing. In the scene where Vicki Vale struts in her bra and panties, Miller wrote notes like, "Detail her bra. It'll drive them crazy." "Give them an ASS shot." "Make them drool."

When you read notes like that, it's not too surprising the planned follow up to All Star Batman & Robin never came to fruition.


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