10 Comic Books You Didn't Know Were Written By Celebrities

Actors, Musicians, Wrestlers, and even Magicians can be comic book writers.

Umbrella Academy Gerard Way
Dark Horse Comics

It is all too often the case that comic writers and artists fail to receive the credit they deserve when their work is adapted to the screen. While Taika Waititi has spoken openly about his inspiration from Jason Aaron's run with Thor specifically, there are far too few names that would be recognised by the mainstream audience today.

However, every now and then a comic book will be created, written, and released by a celebrity. Immediately this can create buzz around a title, almost unfairly so relative to the attention given to those that work on the same projects week in and week out.

Whether it is right or not, a celebrity's name on the front of a comic book will generate sales, regardless of them being a good writer or not. Thankfully, there have been plenty of times when the former is true, and the world is given a genuinely strong story to enjoy.

Whether through one of the comic book giants or a smaller, lesser-known publisher, creating an original title or taking on a pre-established cast of characters, either in the superhero world or not, you may be surprised by just how much of the comic book genre has been affected by celebrities.

10. Occult Crimes Taskforce - Rosario Dawson

Umbrella Academy Gerard Way
Image Comics

There are some actors that the nerd community as a whole just connect with, and there are few quite like Rosario Dawson. She connected the Defenders Saga on Netflix as Claire Temple, and most recently has made a huge splash in the Star Wars universe as Ashoka Tano.

One of the reasons there is such a strong connection here is that she is a geek herself. Not only has she made an impact on screens over the years, but she has also penned her own comic and even lent her own likeness to the main character.

Over the property's short run of just four issues through Image Comics, Sophia Ortiz worked for the titular outfit that essentially worked as a police force but dealt with crimes related to the realms of magic and the occult, in particular putting her on a collision course with a supernatural killer.

Though the comic book didn't last long, its film rights were acquired in 2006, and a TV show was reportedly in the works six years later. Neither have seen the light of day as of yet, and with Dawson set to be a big figure in the ongoing Star Wars renaissance, it may be that these four issues are all fans will ever be able to enjoy.


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