10 Comic Characters Who STOLE Batman's Identity

At this point who HASN'T been Batman?

DC Comics

Heavy is the head that wears the cowl. The Bat-mantle is one of the most iconic costumes in all of comic history.

The pointy-eared protector has gone through several iterations of the Batsuit but has always remained true to that glorious silhouette, bat-nipples and all. But billionaire by day Bruce Wayne is not the only one to have donned the cape and cowl either due to an emergency or a blatant case of identity theft.

From close allies to deadly foes, pretty much everyone in Gotham has attempted to pull off those terrific tights. There's even a line of Funko figures dedicated to the various rogues' gallery members dressed in different suit designs.

Some have outright stolen the look of Batman to disguise themselves while others have chosen to make their own, custom Batsuits in mockery or admiration of old Batsy.

Most recently, even the Joker has had a stab at putting his own spin on a suit he'd stolen during the current Joker War. In honour of the Clown Prince's latest caper, here are ten more characters that outright stole the Bats identity.

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