10 Comic Villains With The Highest Body Count

The Marvel and DC universes have some SERIOUSLY messed-up individuals...

DC Comics

Comics have long been a place readers could find excess violence, but not everyone is as prolific in their killing as the Punisher. Wolverine may be the best he is at what he does, but even when he bears those claws, he hasn't taken apart more people than some of the publisher's greatest villains.

Since Marvel and DC began publishing books, villains have crossed the line by killing numerous civilians, heroes, or other villains. It's what makes the bad guy... well, bad. That line has been crossed so much in recent years, that the body count has become somewhat uncountable.

When someone comes along and smites a whole planet, they put the average serial killer to shame. What's a few lives here and there when one character can destroy billions in one fell swoop?

These villains have killed indiscriminately in the thousands, millions, and sometimes even billions. On occasion, the numbers are so high that it's impossible to give them a complete tally.

There's a reason why so many of these villains are feared by heroes and fans alike, and it's because they've been able to wreak unparalleled destruction since their creation.


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