10 Comics Panels Where You Really Didn't Want To Turn The Next Page

Sometimes turning the page isn't easy.

The Amazing Spider Man 121 Death Of Gwen Stacey
Marvel Comics

Comic books are filled with beautiful artwork and captivating stories, where readers take pleasure in flipping the pages to see what's coming next. Being mostly a visual medium, comic books often feature stories with artwork that can get a bit cringy, or even frightening.

A panel that indicates something truly compelling is going to be on the next page has to elicit an emotional response in the reader, and that's not an easy thing to do. Every panel or splash page is a work of art, but it also has to tell a story, and not every one of them can stop a reader in their tracks.

Reading a comic and coming to a splash page or final panel that makes you stop for a moment, not wanting to turn the page to see what happens next, is pretty rare. After all, the story has to be particularly amazing to get to that point, and not every comic qualifies.

The ones that do often make up some of the best stories in the medium, and when you get to a page that causes you to stop for a moment, you're probably holding one hell of a book.

These panels and splash pages feature points in the story that makes the reader hesitate - if only for a moment - because turning that page might mean your favourite character isn't going to survive beyond it.

10. To Poo, Or Not To Poo — That Is The Question!

The Amazing Spider Man 121 Death Of Gwen Stacey
Image Comics

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples created a masterpiece of science-fiction with their beautifully written and gloriously designed world of Saga. The books feature a story about two star-crossed lovers who find each other amidst a war between their species. They have a child together, which is against the law and also taboo.

The bulk of the story involves their flight from the bounty hunters chasing them while trying to raise their daughter throughout a chaotic and crazy series of adventures. The characters and worlds created by Staples' brilliant illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and they help to evoke an emotional response from the reader.

Of course, you have to read the books to truly understand how amazing they are, which means picking up the first issue. Once you do that, you'll open the book to find a splash page of one of the characters saying, "Am I s***ing? I feel like I'm s***ting!"

Ok, so you've opened the book to see that, and the look on her face doesn't exactly compel you to turn the page to find out if she was, in fact, taking a dump. Not turning the page would be a mistake for all the reasons mentioned above, so gather your strength, flip that page, and dive into the world of Sage you won't regret it.


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