10 Comics That Made You Answer Impossible Questions

So... would you eat a human toe to save the world?

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Image Comics

With flying humans, magicians, and talking trees being just some of the things that people accept as perfectly normal in comics, it's fair to say that the medium more or less exists to make you ask yourself impossible questions.

Often, this revolves around what you would sacrifice to save either the world or your loved ones, as even characters with insane powers still have to make difficult decisions to which there really isn't a right answer.

But seeing the likes of Batman and Iron Man struggle to deal with these impossible issues can make trying to work out what you'd personally do even more confusing, as if a bunch of fictional geniuses can't figure out what to do, your chances seem even more limited.

This isn't a sad thing though, because it does work to massively humanise figures who can appear to have all the answers by giving them a scenario where it's to some degree a lose/lose situation.

Because, no matter how worked out you've got your life, you're still gonna struggle when you're presented with the choice of either eating your twin or dooming the world.

10. Umbrella Academy - Kill The President To Save Your Brothers?

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Dark Horse

Though the Umbrella Academy series didn't need to include a plot based around the assassination of JFK, it is an undeniably fascinating part of the story. This is partially because of the difficult decision our hero Allison has to make in it, and partially because of the cancelled "JFK assassination cover" which was pulled for reasons you can probably guess.

In this universe, Allison - or "Number Three" - is responsible for the president's death, having been blackmailed into using her power to say a rumour and make it true to off him. Although the rest of her family are furious to discover this, Allison has a pretty fair justification for this: the people making her do it can travel in time, and threatened to kill Number Five and Number One's mother while she was pregnant with them.

While the choice for Allison is obvious - in no small part because of her quasi-incestuous relationship with the Number One Luther - it's definitely one that gives you pause for thought, as the choice between family and the promising future of the country is a pretty tough call.


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