10 Comics That Made You Answer Impossible Questions

9. Scott Pilgrim - Are You A Bad Person?

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Oni Press

As much as Scott Pilgrim is a likeable character, he's also one that starts the series deeply, deeply flawed. Not only is his relationship - and subsequent cheating on - the seventeen year old Knives kind of questionable, but we also later learn that his past is rife with him being kind of awful to friends and love interests alike.

Though it's made clear that Scott hasn't had proper chance to think about most of his mistakes - because the comic's main villain, Gideon, has toyed with his memories - it's not as though this changes the fact he did all these things.

While we see Scott grow through the course of the series, it's surreal to think that both we as the reader and Scott himself don't really work out that he's done some sketchy stuff until a decent chunk of the way through the plot.

It's so easy for flawed characters to be shown as monsters, but Scott is so well-meaning for the most part that it really makes you question your own actions for a good couple weeks after you first read it.


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