10 Comics That Turned Out Nothing Like You Expected

The classic comic switcheroo.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
IDW Publishing

For the most part, comics are bought and sold on expectations. Whether it's seeing the fame and prestige series like Watchmen have and wanting to see them for yourself, or merely loving the goth vibe of Batman and needing to experience it firsthand.

However, often you'll open a comic expecting something, only to be met with something entirely different.

The tone can be completely different, or it can prove adult and edgy where you were expecting a family-friendly series - hell, sometimes it's just that it's from a franchise that you've already read, watched or played, and yet it feels entirely different to everything else.

While this can prove a disappointment if you were really hoping for a specific thing, it's also just as often a welcome surprise, like finding money you'd left in an old pair of jeans. Unexpected gems can feel all the more special for the shock they bring, especially if you're no stranger to the world of comics.

Batman will always be grouchy, and Iron Man will always be smart, but not everything in the wonderful and strange world of comics will always be as straight-forward.

10. Nimona

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Harper Teen

Upon first starting Nimona, it's easy to see the characters solely by typecast; Balliser Blackheart, villain at large and anti-hero at heart, his bumbling but loyal sidekick Nimona, and their enemy, Sir Goldenloin, a golden-haired "hero" with a long past involving Blackheart.

This set up is arguably created so you'll have pre-conceived ideas about where the plot might go, only to crush them and surprise you continuously. For starters, the fantasy world has some incredibly high-tech components, including bluetooth, computers, and security technology.

Secondly, the conventional story of "endearing villain who isn't all that bad" is turned on its head pretty fast, as it becomes clear the Institution that governs the lands is sketchy as hell and pretty evil itself.

And so our lovable villains quickly becomes loveable heroes, as they seek to dismantle the organisation and its tyrannical control, leading to a story of well-meaning monsters, surprising amounts of genetic experimentation, and what appears to be a romance between Blackheart and Goldenloin - which would really explain all that archenemy tension.


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