10 Comics That Turned Out Nothing Like You Expected

8. Ice Cream Man

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Image Comics

If you read the synopsis of Ice Cream Man, it'd easily seem for all the world like it was about... well, the Ice Cream Man himself, who is supposed to be a bizarre harbinger of doom wrapped up in a jazzy ice cream truck.

This in mind, the story you're expecting is one that features the Ice Cream Man as the focal point of the series, maybe covering his eventual downfall. This is far, far more normal than what you get.

Because while the series unsurprisingly does feature the Ice Cream Man, he is more a continual ominous presence that occasionally is relegated to the background while a series of Twilight Zone-esque shenanigans.

We see people go through surreal, sometimes supernatural ordeals, all of which sees the Ice Cream Man lurking ominously in the background, and occasionally pulling the strings, but a surprising amount has little to nothing to do with him.

Which, in actuality, only serves to make him all the creepier when he does appear - so it's a victory of sorts.


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