10 Comics Villains Who Legit Reformed (And Never Turned Back)

10. Clayface (Basil Karlo) - Detective Comics #934

DC Comics

With it being so hard to not feel bad for Clayface - professional actor turned into a spooky mud monster against his will - it was somewhat inevitable that the Batman villain would eventually get his time in the sun.

And that he did, as Detective Comics #934 saw the sympathetic bad guy turned full hero, after he accepted an invitation from Batman to join the Dark Knight's forces. Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of all of this has to be that Karlo immediately accepts the offer, leaving the tragic implication that he likely would have become good some time before had someone just asked him nicely.

While Karlo was briefly driven back into a monstrous rage by the Monster Men serum, it is worth noting that this isn't his fault, and that when this serum inadvertently cured him, Karlo immediately committed to trying to live a more moral life, egged on by his new inconspicuous appearance.


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