10 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy DC Comics

9. Batman Can Travel Through Time Somehow

DC Comics

Final Crisis tested just how crazy comics could get and still have people read them, with a multi-dimensional story that was almost completely incomprehensible. One thing's for sure, though, was that the story ended with the villainous Darkseid killing Batman.

Well, that's what everybody thought had happened: actually, he'd just sent Bruce Wayne back to the beginning of time. And Batman being Batman, he managed to fight his way through time to get back to Gotham City...somehow. If you thought the trek halfway across the world in the Dark Knight Rises was beyond explanation, well, you haven't read Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. Having managed to not get killed by a bunch of Neanderthals, Bats somehow manages to jump through Puritan times, meets Blackbeard the pirate in the 18th century, and becomes a cowboy in the old West.

Which is all a lot of fun, but his sudden time-jumping abilities are never explained (although Darkseid's motivations for sending him through history was...sort of). Still, it was a good romp, and eventually led to Bruce taking his rightful place beneath the cowl once more, having been subbed by Dick Grayson for the Batman & Robin series. Crazy old Grant Morrison.


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