10 Crazy Marvel Teams You Won’t Believe Existed

The Pet Avengers? The Baby X-Men? Marvel has some of the weirdest teams.

Marvel Comics

To keep comic book stories compelling, the writers have to mix up the status quo from time to time. This sometimes means switching teams around or inserting new characters in established groups.

When the Fantastic Four lost the Human Torch, Spider-Man joined the team. After Magneto learned the error of his ways, he allied with his arch-enemies, The X-Men.

But there are some groups that are so utterly bizarre, it's a struggle to comprehend how they came to be. Have you heard of the Ape-Vengers? Did you know there is a baby version of the X-Men? Would you believe Thanos fought alongside Thor?! Crazy teams like this sound, at best, gimmicky, and at worst, stupid and non-sensical.

But do you know what the craziest part is? A lot of these insane team-ups are really good! Way better than they deserve to be! Superhero groups like X-Statix and The Young Avengers sound silly but, because of the characters' chemistry, witty dialogue, and incredible story arcs, are beloved by readers.

Here are ten crazy Marvel teams you won't believe existed.

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