10 Criminally Underrated Comic Book Runs EVERYONE Missed

10. Uncanny X-Force - Rick Remender & Jerome Opeña

Uncanny X-Force Rick Remender
Marvel Comics

Prior to Marvel's efforts to expunge the X-Men from Marvel continuity and replace them with the... Inhumans (cheers for that, Ike Perlmutter), everywhere you looked, Marvel's Mutants were there. Come 2010, there were dozens of X-books on shelves, most of which featured Wolverine.

At the time, there was a general fatigue surrounding the character, and it was easy to see why. Logan was in multiple X-Men books, the Avengers, and even his own solo series. The Canadian Canucklehead was everywhere, which made the prospect of him leading the latest iteration of X-Force a somewhat frustrating one for readers.

However, come the release of Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña's Uncanny X-Force #1, it became clear fans were missing out on something special. The series was met with instant acclaim, with particular praise given to Opeña's work, but also to Remender's compelling script. The book itself revolved around the group (the X-Men's off-the-books counterpart), setting out to assassinate Apocalypse, who had recently been reborn in the body of a child.

This led to something of an ethical quandary, and one no one on the team really knew how to negotiate. Speaking of the group, the lineup of Wolverine, Psylocke, Fantomex, Archangel and Deadpool was perfect, with Remender able to provide a distinct voice for each member.

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