10 DC Alternate Universes You Won’t Believe Exist

Werewolves, weed-smokers, and a hero named Captain Carrot.

DC Comics

The DC multiverse is a place comprised of equal parts delight, and phantasmagorical levels of surreality. After all, with infinite alternate realities comes an endless ability to mess with them, as the fate of Batman or Superman doesn't hinge on their wellbeing in different universes.

And so writers and artists conspired to make what is without a shadow of a doubt some of the weirdest worlds in comic history. Few would think to create a version of Earth populated by only werewolves, or a universe where an anthropomorphic rabbit becomes a superhero who works with Superman - and yet these are all real worlds in the DC universe, used to generate endless weird and wild storylines.

It's almost as though there is an unofficial competition that's been going on for years behind the scenes at DC, where creators try and make the single strangest universe they can without getting caught. Otherwise, there's literally no rational explanation for all the assorted peculiarities the DC multiverse bring to us - unless the company felt there was a particular demand for a universe populated entirely by... fish-people?

That said, when this all results in delightful moments like getting to see a buff badass Tintin, it's more than worth every piece of weirdness along the way.


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