10 DC Heroes Who Were Once Criminals

Not every hero has the typical origin story.

DC Comics

The journey of a hero is never really set in stone - especially when it comes to the various continuities that can exist within different versions of a comic book universe. In one universe, for example, they might be seen as a hero, while in another they’re considered a villain.

Elsewhere, however, there are comic book heroes who simply have a totally different beginning from that of the typical Batman or Superman origin story. Instead of starting out as an alien from a foreign planet or as a billionaire orphan, characters might begin life as a professional thief, or even as an assassin, long before deciding to switch sides.

So, while not all heroes start out in the sunlight, that doesn't mean that they have to in order to be considered a hero later on. Some of the most famous and beloved superheroes were once criminals, proving that redemption isn't as elusive as readers may think. So, with this in mind, here are 10 DC heroes who were once criminals.


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