10 Deadliest Comic Book Events

8. The Walking Dead Zombie Outbreak

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Image / Skybound

For the longest time, the cause of The Walking Dead's zombie apocalypse was unknown. Even when the comics came to an end in 2019, the question fans had always asked went unanswered. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, The Walking Dead's creator dropped a bombshell on Twitter.

Robert Kirkman finally responded to the question with a rather unceremonious tweet, simply saying "space spores" and that was that. The tweet split fans as some were glad to finally have an answer, while others were naturally disappointed with this hugely important bit of lore being revealed in such a fashion. A whole sixteen-year mystery summed up in two words.

Regardless of the cause, the outbreak is well up there with the catastrophic events of the big superhero comics, in terms of casualties that is. The number of deaths on the page, named characters or other, is as long as the series itself. Meanwhile, the outbreak spreads far and wide off the page, killing millions of people worldwide.

Of course, the death count receives an even bigger boost when you take into account the characters who die twice, once while living and once again after zombification.


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