10 Deadliest Enemies The Flash Ever Faced

The Scarlet Speedster has fought some of the DC Universe's most powerful ever villains.

Reverse Flash
DC Comics

The Flash has accumulated an impressive roster of rogues in his 80-year history, from deadly speedsters to common criminals with not-so-common gimmicks.

Amassing one of the best rogues galleries in comic book history, the Scarlet Speedster has outsmarted, outmanoeuvred, outrun, and outmatched these fearsome foes on the regular.

With The CW's The Flash series airing since 2014, many of these iconic and intriguing baddies have also had their moments to shine on TV. With a movie adaptation of the famous Flashpoint comic series also looming, there's a strong chance we'll even get to see even more of these super-criminals battling the Fastest Man Alive on the big screen.

Included in the Flash's enemies are foes battled across the decades - some from the early days, and some more recent than others. Returning to battle the Flash across his many incarnations, reimaginings and retellings, these infamous supervillains are powerful, relentless, unpredictable, and the worst of the worst.

Read on to face the 10 Deadliest Enemies of The Flash...

10. Weather Wizard

Reverse Flash
DC Comics

This meteorological madman was a menace to both the Barry Allen and Wally West's Flash, and one of the most overpowered super-criminals they ever faced.

First appearing in 1959's The Flash #110, criminal Mark Mardon armed himself with the 'Weather Wand', an advanced piece of technology which could control 'eolic energy'. Mardon took the Wand from his deceased brother, a scientist, who never intended for it to leave the lab. With some modifications, it became a deadly weapon for the criminal.

At full power, the Wand could summon lightning storms, rain clouds, or change the weather entirely. Whatever the weather, Mardon could use his mighty powers to rob banks and cause mass panic.

A later reimagining of the Weather Wizard would see him instead granted the metahuman ability to control the elements without using the Wand.

Other villains have also possessed the Weather Wand over the years, including a Weather Warlock and a Weather Witch, but whoever fills the shoes of this rogue becomes an instantly formidable threat for the Fastest Man Alive.

The Weather Wizard also appeared in CW's The Flash TV Show as one of the many metahumans created by the lightning strike which also gave Barry Allen his powers.


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