10 Devastating Comic Book Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

Didn't see that coming...

Spider-Man Death
Marvel Comics

Because Batman, Wonder Woman, the Avengers, and Howard the Duck have been saving the day for as long as we can remember, it's easy to assume these superheroes will be here forever. Although Superman and Bucky Barnes have met their end (on more than one occasion), long-time comic fans are aware these iconic characters would return.

Nevertheless, it's always tragic to see a superhero kicking the bucket. I mean, we knew Captain Marvel was going to die in The Death of Captain Marvel, but that didn't stop readers from crying their eyes out.

However, it's more crushing to watch these spandex-sporting supes bite the dust, when you don't sees it coming. Despite the fact readers expect a major player to meet their demise during a comic event, witnessing a beloved character shuffle off their mortal coil is never easy. Even though Captain America, Jason Todd, and Jean Grey were resurrected, it didn't lessen the impact when they popped their clogs.

Although it was horrifying to see these characters die, the way it caught us off all by surprise made it so much more devastating.

10. Stephanie Brown - Batman #633 (2004)

Spider-Man Death
DC Comics

After Tim Drake hung up the Robin tights, his partner, Stephanie Brown, became Batman's new protégé. Even though it was nice to see a female Robin for once, Stephanie's tenure as the Girl Wonder didn't last long. After she used lethal force on a criminal, Bats fired her on the spot.

To prove her worth to Batman, Stephanie orchestrated a turf war between Gotham's gangs, hoping she would save the day before it got out of hand. Sadly, the situation spiralled out of control, leading to many deaths in the city.

After Black Mask seized control over Gotham, he had Stephanie kidnapped. Despite being horrifically tortured, Brown escaped and reached the clinic of Bruce Wayne's doctor, Leslie Thompkins. Sadly, Stephanie died shortly after being admitted.

To add to the tragedy, Batman discovered Leslie could've saved Stephanie but chose not to, because she wanted to prove that the Caped Crusader's methods to stop violence were making things worse.

At first, it was awful when readers were under the impression this teenage girl was murdered by a deranged supervillain. However, it was more heartbreaking when we learned Stephanie's death was caused by one of Bruce's most trusted friends, just to make a point.

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