10 Different Ways You Can Actually Defeat Galactus

One Penance Stare, coming right up.

Galactus ff

Since being introduced in 1966, Marvel's very own planet eater - Galactus - has developed something of a reputation as a badass. The dude can eat planets after all and, having taken on Thanos and destroyed countless worlds since his creation, it's fair to say that he's a big threat.

And so, it makes sense that only a select few have been able to outwit and outdo the self-proclaimed Devourer of Worlds over the years. Some more likely candidates, like the Fantastic Four, can lay claim to having dished out the odd cosmic beatdown here and there, but there are also a few, less likely characters that have done the same. Which is great really, seeing how the Fantastic Four are currently the subject of an extended (and long derided) hiatus.

Indeed, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's most iconic Marvel villain has had it hard over the years, both on the page and off it. And while he might appear all-powerful, the guy's been had so many times that, well, it might be time to start questioning his threat-level.


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