10 Disastrous Superhero Redesigns

10. Iron Spider

Iron Spider.jpg
Marvel Comics

There isn't much to recommend Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Civil War miniseries in the first place (which makes it potential adaptation into the third Captain America film a cause for concern), although it did have some nice ideas.

The superheroes of the Marvel universe being pitched against each other in an argument over secret identities and responsibility was a neat concept and, obviously, when you include two of the watchwords of the character, you just know Spider-Man's getting involved. Originally on the €œpro€ side of the Superhero Registration Act, Peter Parker wound up revealing his alter ego live on television €“ sending J Jonah Jameson into a fit, and endangering the life of his doddering old Aunt May.

He did, however, team up with Tony Stark, her furnished him with a brand new costume! Which looked like an eleven-year-old's felt tip drawing where he mashed up Spider-Man and Iron Man's costume, only with about half as much charm. It looked like a freakin' Power Ranger.

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