10 Disgusting Comic Book Moments That Made Us Feel Sick

It's hard not to vomit, but most of these freaks would like that...

DC ComicsDC ComicsFor decades, many viewed comics as a purely childish pastime - one that people grew out of as they reached adulthood. Despite this, a regulatory system known as the 'Comics Code' was established as far back as 1954 in an attempt to monitor the content of US comic books. As a result of this censorship, it was rare to see explicit violence or sexual content in any mainstream comic for the years that followed, despite the fact that the concept of super heroism revolves around fighting and deviance from the norm... By the 1990's though, things had begun to change. Creators like Frank Miller and Alan Moore had brought a darker sensibility to the industry, leading to the rise of series aimed specifically at more 'mature' audiences. For better or worse, imprints such as DC's Vertigo line published groundbreaking stories that broadened the scope of what is suitable for comic books. In 2001, Marvel abandoned the Comics Code completely, opting for their own rating system which enabled them to launch the Max imprint, rated R for its explicit content. Other publishers eventually followed suit and by January 2011, even Archie Comics stopped using the Comics Code, rendering it a defunct relic of the past. Even before 2011 though, the Code seemed to have little effect on some publishers as the nauseating moments included on this list will attest to. While some may laud the following comics for breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope of what the medium can include, others may be disgusted to the point of feeling sick, so for those who are easily offended, take that as a warning now. And for the rest of you sickos out there, enjoy!
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