10 Disgusting Comic Book Moments That Made Us Feel Sick

10. Period Power (Savage Dragon)

Image ComicsImage ComicsOver the years, comic book readers have been exposed to a variety of unusual superpowers. Just take a look at the X-Men. Previous members included Maggott, a mutant whose digestive system took the form of two slugs and Marrow, a hero who could remove her bones to use as weapons. And that's just Marvel Comics. Other publishers have been even more creative in a bid to create the most disgusting superpower and without question, the winner comes from Erik Larsen's long running title Savage Dragon. Heavy Flo is a villain who has only appeared a couple of times so far, but her scenes are undoubtedly memorable. Heavy Flo is clearly heavy and her name could quite possibly be Flora or something, but that's definitely not why she has earned that particular code name. Unfortunately for Savage Dragon, Heavy Flo's power is the ability to use her menstrual blood as a weapon, firing it at her opponents in a forceful stream. Whether she can only do this for a few days a month is unclear, but regardless, what you can take away from this is that Heavy Flo has the most disgusting superpower ever used in a comic book. Kudos to Larsen for being so creative, but this is definitely not one for the kids...
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