10 Doctor Doom Moments That Prove We Need Him In The MCU

9. That Time He Beat Up A Lion While Naked - Doom

Marvel Comics

In his armour Doctor Doom can contend with cosmic level threats. With an arsenal of technology rivalling Tony Stark and enough magic to challenge Doctor Strange, Doom’s armour makes him pretty much unstoppable. So, take all that away and what is he? A man who can kill a lion with a single punch, that’s what!

Thanks to some antics from Franklin Richards (the cosmic powered child of Reed and Sue Richards), Victor Von Doom finds himself stranded and naked in the Serengeti of an alternate earth.

Before he can even get his thoughts together, he is immediately attacked by a lion. Doom being Doom immediately lunges at the beast and in one clean punch, he brings it down to the ground.

Vic then promptly skins the lion and uses it to make a new suit complete with mask, which may just be the most metal thing ever done. (Well, that or selling a magician to the devil to save your mother.)


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