10 Doctor Doom Moments That Prove We Need Him In The MCU

8. That Time He Used Galactus As A Stepping-Stone To Become God - Secret Wars (1984)

Doctor Doom Infinity Stones
Marvel Comics

In 1984’s Secret Wars event, a select group of heroes and villains from across the Marvel universe were gathered together by an impossibly powerful being known as the Beyonder. These two groups were pitted against each other with the promise, “slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours”.

Doctor Doom isn’t one for games though and started working on a plan to challenge the Beyonder. This plan had him cut up the body of the supervillain Claw (the man made of living sound) and use him to steal Galactus’ powers.

This makes Doom easily strong enough to win the contest, but what would killing the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men be when you can challenge God himself?

Doom of course succeeds and gains the powers of the Beyonder, becoming a supremely powerful being. Something he only loses due to some body-hopping antics from a surviving shard of the Beyonder.

Either way, this will forever serve as proof that Doctor Doom should not be invited to game night.


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