10 Dream Creative Teams To Reboot Batman

James Tynion IV is writing Batman... until summer 2020.

DC Comics

Love his work or hate it, Tom King will soon be leaving DC's main Batman comic, with the publisher forcing him to finish his run within the spin-off title Batman/Catwoman. From January 2020, James Tynion IV and Tony Daniel will be taking over the title until issue 100, after which the book will then relaunch complete with a new man under the cowl and a new creative team behind him.

As of yet it's unclear as to who will be at the helm of next year's relaunch, Tynion's time on the book being temporary and Scott Snyder supposedly telling his last Batman tale in the Black Label series Last Knight On Earth. DC themselves have also given zero indication as to the post-issue 100 creative team.

This ambiguity leaves room for rampant speculation and of course wish lists detailing which writers and artists would be well suited to the task of continuing the Bat's story.

It goes without saying that there are a lot of talented people in the comics industry, and therefore a wide array of creative teams that could create an interesting and enjoyable Batman tale. But which would best? Here are a few suggestions...


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