10 Dumbest Supervillain Schemes You Won't Believe

Sometimes, it's hard for a supervillain to come up with a fiendishly dastardly scheme.

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Superheroes fight many different villains. Crooks. Mobsters. Terrorists. These criminals are motivated by something petty like money, power, or revenge.

But supervillains are very different. Supervillains are as menacing as they are theatrical. They are never boring. Supervillains turn crime into an art form. They rely on misdirection, illusions, decoys, disguises, double-crosses, doomsday weapons, booby-traps, self-destruct sequences with visible timers, magic and, of course, overelaborate death-traps.

Die-hard comic fans will never forget some of the greatest supervillain plots. Joker tricked Robin to come to Ethiopia and then killed him with explosives. When Doctor Octopus learned he was dying, he swapped minds with Spider-Man, forcing the wall-crawler to die in Doc Ock's body. Magneto even once infiltrated the X-Men's mansion by pretending to be a teacher.

Now, not every dastardly plan works out. A supervillain's plot may fall apart because it's stupid, over-the-top, mundane, or it just doesn't make any sense.

A lot of times, it's difficult for the reader to understand the villain's plan because it's too convoluted. If Green Goblin's plot to defeat Spider-Man has 40 steps, how is the average comic fan expected to follow the story?

So let's have a look at the most illogical, silliest, and insane schemes in comic history.


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