10 Facts About The Suicide Squad You Didn't Know

9. A Revamp For Post-Crisis DC

King Shark
DC Comics

The Suicide Squad stories we are familiar with was created in the aftermath of Crisis on infinite Earths by John Ostrander in the Legends crossover event in 1987. The team featured a slew of - what were at that point - D-List supervillians who were coerced into doing black-ops missions for the US government under the oversight of Amanda Waller.

This Post-Crisis revamp would be the first time the team would be referred to as Task Force X and would feature Deadshot, Blockbuster, Bronze Tiger, Enchantress, and Captain Boomerang, as well as Rick Flag Jr.

While this incarnation was a massive departure from what came before. This 'Task Force X' version of the Suicide Squad would prove to be the winning formula that would form the basis of every subsequent relaunch and adaptation since.


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